Recovery Support Project

What is the Recovery Support Project?

This service provides in-the-community support and guidance for those in recovery from an eating disorder who wish to work on specific goals to help with their recovery. These might be to do with shopping, eating out, meal planning, clothes shopping, swimming or anything else that you might feel would be beneficial.

The service is for people who are in active recovery from an eating disorder and are committed to continuing to progress by setting a specific goal to be worked on over twelve weeks. There is then an opportunity to set another two goals if desired and the service is available for up to 24 weeks.

The service is provided by SWEDA supporters – trained volunteers who have either begun working towards counselling qualifications or have some other relevant experience in supporting or mentoring people.

How does it work?

If you wish to be considered, you will need to fill in an assessment form and will then be offered an assessment. Although, once your service is up and running, your supporter will come to you, you do need to come to our office in Shepton Mallet for the assessment. You will be asked to fill in some forms and talk a little bit about your history. We will then clarify your goal and discuss any of the difficulties you think you might have with achieving it as well as how you prefer to be helped and supported if you are feeling upset.

If we both feel that recovery support is right for you, you will be assigned a supporter who will contact you directly to set up the first session.

A supporter cannot come into your home – this is due to our insurance and health and safety policies so you will need to think about a place to meet. It could be a park, library, or café depending on what you feel comfortable with.


This service is free although you will need to pay for any purchases such as food or drinks, entrance fees or clothes that you buy. Your supporter will pay for their own purchases.


Recovery Support Project Leaflet

“Whenever I have contacted SWEDA, I have always received a very quick response, and have felt completely safe to ask for help when I have needed it. There have been periods of time when I have not needed a lot of contact, and times when I have asked for frequent contact. Talking to the same person over a long period of time has meant I have had a consistent place to go for support, and this has been invaluable."

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