Shape Mendip Lottery

Buy tickets for Shape Mendip Lottery and help raise money for SWEDA!
To try and boost our fundraising efforts we have signed up to Shape Mendip Lottery, this is a local lottery set up and run by Mendip District Council.
Shape Mendip Lottery is a local lottery supporting local charities which enables participants to support the causes they care most about.  It is also a way to connect us to our supporters.    A ticket for the Shape Mendip Lottery costs £1 per week and if you choose SWEDA as your chosen charity we get 50 pence of the ticket cost. There are prizes up to £25,000, so hopefully win win on both sides.  
If you decide to support SWEDA via this route, clink the image below which will you through to SWEDA's page - Good Luck!   


“I had consistently been losing weight for more than 8 months and had become accustomed to eating very little. This triggered a return of my anorexia, after a 20-year period of recovery. SWEDA were able to offer me an appointment the very next day. When we met I was feeling very ill and frightened.I spoke to them about my fears, but then took the decision to go to my doctor on the way home. I was admitted to hospital within a few days.”

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