SWEDA Christmas Appeal 2019


Food forms an essential and often pleasurable part of our daily lives, but for someone suffering with an eating disorder food becomes an obsession, an enemy and has the power to destroy lives.
At SWEDA we try to stop this happening. We provide vital Counselling Services, offer a Monthly Support Group, training for Health Professionals and GP’s, we run College Support Services, and work with young people in Secondary Schools and Colleges.
Thanks to the generosity of funders and with the help of our amazing volunteers, we have been able to deliver over 400 hours of counselling this year. Additionally, 6,000 young people have learnt about SWEDA in their schools and colleges, and we have delivered training in Eating Disorders to 376 healthcare and teaching professionals. 
We know our work is highly valued but we also see demand continue to grow. We could do more to support the needs of our current users and there are many more sufferers and carers who might benefit from our help; in the last year alone we’ve seen requests for counselling increase by 67%.
So, as one who really understands how SWEDA helps those affected by an Eating Disorder, we need to ask for your help this Christmas, by way of donation. Please donate by following this link to our Christmas Campaign. 


Thank you, and very best wishes to you this Christmas.

Sarah Hall

Chair of the Board of Trustees

“I saw a SWEDA support worker on campus at university. I had been struggling with binge eating disorder and compulsive exercise for about ten years. The SWEDA support worker was able to help me look at my relationship with food and my body in a different way. I have learned to be kinder to myself and they taught me techniques which helped me to slow down my thinking. Now I can go out and have fun without worrying all the time.”

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