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Whether you are suffering from an eating disorder or are caring for someone who does, if you would like to meet with someone on a one-to-one basis to talk about how you feel and to explore what support and options are available to you then a support and guidance sessions with one of SWEDA’s support workers could help.

Anyone who contacts SWEDA for help will be offered a support and guidance appointment – it’s a free introduction to our services and the first step in working towards recovery or in supporting yourself while you support someone else.

What will happen?

Once you contact SWEDA, we can make an appointment for you at our friendly offices in Shepton Mallet, somewhere closer to you where you live, or online via Zoom. We are usually able to offer you an appointment within two weeks. You are welcome to bring someone with you – this can be a friend, partner, parent or support worker – whomever you feel might help you feel more comfortable.

The appointment is normally between an hour and an hour and a half and you will be asked about why you have come to SWEDA and what you may need. You will likely be asked some questions about what has happened so far and how you understand your situation. There will be plenty of space for you to talk about what is important to you and have your questions answered.

The support worker will talk to you about what services are available at SWEDA and what might be the most suitable for you. They might ask about your medical history and discuss what steps you have already taken in terms of addressing the food and eating issues you, or your loved-one, is struggling with.

It may be that the support worker offers you some suggestions or information as to how to move forward

The Support and Guidance sessions are free of charge.

If you would like the opportunity to meet with someone on an individual basis, our Support Workers can be contacted via 01749 343344 or directly via email on:- [email protected]

Support and Guidance sessions can help:

With information:

To Take Stock

 To set goals


“I had consistently been losing weight for more than 8 months and had become accustomed to eating very little. This triggered a return of my anorexia, after a 20-year period of recovery. SWEDA were able to offer me an appointment the very next day. When we met I was feeling very ill and frightened.I spoke to them about my fears, but then took the decision to go to my doctor on the way home. I was admitted to hospital within a few days.”

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