The experience of being a mother with Anorexia Nervosa

My name is Gemma O’Leary and I am a trainee clinical psychologist at Staffordshire University.  I am currently conducting a study looking at the experiences of motherhood for women with anorexia nervosa.  In order to carry out this study I would like to interview women with a pre-existing diagnosis of anorexia nervosa who have young children.

By taking part in this research you will be providing useful and valuable information and the experience of having anorexia and being a mother.  This evidence will help researchers and health professionals to better understand your experiences and improve the way they work with women who have experienced anorexia nervosa and now have young children of their own.

To be eligible to take part you must:

This study involves a semi-structured interview which will last approximately 1 hour. The interview will be one to one and focus on your experiences of having anorexia nervosa and being a mother.  If you live locally (in South Staffordshire, North Staffordshire or Shropshire) you have the option of being interviewed at a local community venue, such as a library or health centre, or you can complete your interview over the telephone if you prefer.  If you do not live locally your interview will be completed over the telephone.

If you are interested in taking part and would like some further information please contact the researcher at [email protected].

This study has been approved by Staffordshire University Ethics Committee and by the NHS Research Ethics Committee.

Thank you for reading this information. Without you, this type of research would not be possible.

“I can’t emphasise enough what a massive part SWEDA have played in my journey to finding myself again. They are an incredible charity and are brilliant at their job. Over the past two years I have really started to understand myself and I have addressed issues that I had hid away in the past and with my counsellor’s amazing listening, non-judgmental and supportive skills I have been able to take back control of myself and rationally look at my emotions in day to day life."

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