Investigation into the factors underlying Eating Disorders


My name is Michael Connolly, and I am a Psychology Masters Student from the University of Strathclyde Glasgow. I currently carrying out an investigation into the factors which underlie eating disorders and I am looking for individuals with eating disorders to complete a questionnaire which will question their psychological well being, life events and eating behaviour. The questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and anyone with an eating disorder who is 17 or older can take part.

If you would be interested in helping out, please follow the link below where you will be provided with more information and be invited to take part.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks for your time,


“I had consistently been losing weight for more than 8 months and had become accustomed to eating very little. This triggered a return of my anorexia, after a 20-year period of recovery. SWEDA were able to offer me an appointment the very next day. When we met I was feeling very ill and frightened.I spoke to them about my fears, but then took the decision to go to my doctor on the way home. I was admitted to hospital within a few days.”

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