Investigation into dietary restraint

Request for help with a study into dietary restraint

The study's objective is to develop a valid and reliable screening tool investigating dietary restraint. Dietary restraint is the cognitive tendency to limit food intake to reach a lower body weight which can result in a number of severe consequences. It is crucial to investigate the prevalence of it at the earliest stage possible to prevent further health deterioration. The tool we have developed will provide us with more insight into the eating attitudes and behaviours of those experiencing disordered eating therefore it's crucial that we have as many participants taking part in such an important study. We are looking for females aged 12+ who are currently experiencing disordered eating symptomatology. The study involves completing an online questionnaire and a computerised task based on eating attitudes. Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated.

No information that can identify you personally will be collected in this study hence ensuring your anonymity at all times.

Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss details: Saira Khan on [email protected], or my supervisor, Professor Andrea Petroczi, on [email protected].

To take part in the assessment visit

Kingston University Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing
Penrhyn Rd Campus. Kingston Surrey. KT12EE

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