Eating Disorders: investigating the boundary between public and private space


I am a final year student at the University of Bristol, conducting research to form a dissertation project.

The research

The research will use eating disorders to investigate whether the home can be defined as a public or private space.

Who can participate?

I am looking for participants who have an eating disorder or who have recovered from an eating disorder. They must be aged over 18 (unless parental permission is given).

What is involved in the research?

Participants will take part in an interview lasting around 30 minutes, discussing their experiences of eating disorders within the home environment (such as questions based on your daily routine). With the permission of the interviewee, the interview will be tape recorded. All interviewees will be made anonymous within the research, and any questions may be asked regarding the research. The interviews will take place between August and October 2010, at a suitable venue.

Who are the researchers?

The research is being conducted by myself, Claire Murphy (University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences), under the supervision of Dr Maria Fannin (University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences).

Taking part

Please email [email protected] to participate in this study. If you would like more information about participating please email me; there will be no obligation to take part. Your time will be greatly appreciated.

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