Evaluation of a web-based multi media intervention for carers of people with anorexia nervosa

Evaluation of a web-based multi media intervention for carers of people with anorexia nervosa

This project examines whether an internet-based intervention for carers (or significant others) of people with anorexia nervosa is effective and useful. The interactive web programme aims to give carers information and skills to help them help their relative, cope with care-giving and reduce distress, which may in turn help the individual with anorexia nervosa.

The programme includes information on how to communicate with a person with anorexia; how to support them at meal times, facilitate weight gain and re-establish healthy eating; how to manage crises and conflict; and how to assess and manage risk.

How is the research being undertaken?

We are looking to recruit 60 carers. Carers will be randomly allocated (i.e. as in the tossing of a coin) to one of two treatment interventions: the web-based programme or the web-based programme + weekly support either by telephone or by email from a trainee psychologist. Carers will also be required to complete questionnaires on three occasions: when the intervention starts, at the end of the intervention, as well as 3-months after the intervention has been completed. We will also invite the person with anorexia nervosa to answer questions about how they perceive their relationship with the carer.

Am I eligible to take part?

If you are currently taking care of a loved one suffering from a form of anorexia nervosa and have the ability to read and understand English, you are eligible to participate.
To find out more

Contact Danielle Hoyle: Ph: 0450 956 733 or email: [email protected]

This project has been approved by the Social and Behavioural Ethics Committee. If you wish to discuss the study with someone not directly involved, in particular in relation to policies, your rights as a participant, or should you wish to make a confidential complaint, you may contact the secretary of the Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee at Flinders University on (08) 8201 3116 or [email protected]

“Whenever I have contacted SWEDA, I have always received a very quick response, and have felt completely safe to ask for help when I have needed it. There have been periods of time when I have not needed a lot of contact, and times when I have asked for frequent contact. Talking to the same person over a long period of time has meant I have had a consistent place to go for support, and this has been invaluable."

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