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2022 is a special year for SWEDA and in celebration, we are releasing a new collection of eating disorder resources. This year marks our 30th birthday, a time to look back at three decades of incredible service delivery and support and to look forward to a future of growth. SWEDA is proud of the vital work our organisation does to raise awareness of eating disorders and to support our clients on the road to recovery. Our clinical team bring a wealth of expertise to eating disorders therapy and their knowledge and guidance has helped many clients to understand their relationship with food and make positive changes to improve the quality of their lives.

Eating disorders are on the rise and what were once considered to be conditions only affecting teenage girls are now gradually coming to be understood as conditions that can affect any demographic. 2022 is a year to continue raising awareness of EDs and providing guidance to those managing EDs, their friends, family, careers and the wider public. To support our community, we will be releasing a collection of new resources across the year, which can be used as personal guides or displayed as posters. Please note that posters should be printed in A3 size. Access and download the resources below.


Preparing for social events & using coping strategies
Prepares the user for social events, which often focus on food and can be a stressful situation for ED sufferers. Of use to people managing EDs as well as their friends, family and carers.

Animal analogies & caring for young people with eating disorders
SWEDA’s adaptation of the Maudsley Hospital London’s New Maudsley Approach, which explores the emotional styles of carers of young people with EDs and provides memorable animal analogies of the different styles.

Eating disorders & body image issues in males
Provides guidance on the signs and symptoms in males, who account for one quarter of the population suffering with EDs. Explores muscle dysmorphia and the prevalence of EDs in male athletes and sportsmen.

Eating disorders & body image issues in women in middle age
Explores the impact that life experiences, a changing body and changing hormones can have on women in middle age and how this can contribute to body image issues, ED development and resurfacing EDs.


Simplified resources for people with learning difficulties

Preparing for social events and using coping strategies
This resource has been adapted from an original resource. It contains less text, a simplified design and a different coloured background to make it easier to read. While it may not suit everyone, it may be easier for those with learning difficulties to use this resource. It will help someone with an eating disorder to prepare for social events that focus on food and eating together. It is also helpful for close contacts of the person with an eating disorder. 

“During the time I accessed the SWEDA Services I used both the Support Group and one to one counselling sessions. Both services used together offer the life raft that is so desperately needed to bring balance, stability and empowered choice."

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