Food Phobia

Food phobia is often listed as an eating problem in children. It is a condition in which people experience a strong, persistent fear of specific items or situations. Exposure to phobic objects or situations results in a marked fear or anxiety response ,despite the response being recognised as unreasonable or irrational. Phobic stimuli are often avoided.

Where the phobia is related to food – Sitophobia - or the process of eating, the fear and avoidance of eating can show symptoms similar to an eating disorder. There are a number of Specific Phobias that can fall into this category.

“I had consistently been losing weight for more than 8 months and had become accustomed to eating very little. This triggered a return of my anorexia, after a 20-year period of recovery. SWEDA were able to offer me an appointment the very next day. When we met I was feeling very ill and frightened.I spoke to them about my fears, but then took the decision to go to my doctor on the way home. I was admitted to hospital within a few days.”

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