Food Phobia

Food phobia is often listed as an Eating Problem in Children. It is a condition in which sufferers experience a strong, persistent fear in the presence of, or thought, specific items or situations. Exposure to phobic objects or situations results in a marked fear/anxiety response despite the response being recognised as unreasonable or irrational. Phobic stimuli are often avoided.

Where the phobia is related to food – Sitophobia - or the process of eating, the fear and avoidance of eating can show 'eating disorder' like symptoms. There are a number of Specific Phobias that can fall into this category.

“I saw a SWEDA support worker on campus at university. I had been struggling with binge eating disorder and compulsive exercise for about ten years. The SWEDA support worker was able to help me look at my relationship with food and my body in a different way. I have learned to be kinder to myself and they taught me techniques which helped me to slow down my thinking. Now I can go out and have fun without worrying all the time.”

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