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The Guardian - 'It spreads like a disease': How pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok - October 2021

The Guardian - One in five UK eating disorder patients forced to pay for private care - September 2021

The Guardian - ‘I felt my body wasn’t good enough’: teenage troubles with Instagram - September 2021

BBC News - Eating disorders: Increase in young teenagers seeking support - September 2021

The Guardian - Record number of young people wait for eating disorder treatment in England - August 2021

The Guardian - Hope Virgo, the Woman who Survived Anorexia and Began 'Dump the Scales' - July 2021

BBC Radio 4 - Marketing: Hacking the Unconscious - A Campaign for 'Real' Women? - June 2021

BBC News - Body Image Affects Half of Men's Mental Health - May 2021

The Guardian - People with Eating Disorders Denied Help - April 2021

The Sun - Big Brother Star Nikki Grahame Passes Away - April 2021

Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Podcast - Exploring Eating Disorders - March 2021

The Guardian - No More Mr Muscle - Oct 2020

BBC News - Eating disorder inquest: Averil Hart's care unit in Norfolk faced 'staffing crisis'- Oct 2020

The Telegraph - Instagram blames GDPR for failure to tackle rampant self-harm and eating disorder images - Oct 2020

BBC - People Stared Like I Was Godzilla - Oct 2020

BBC News - Freddie Flintoff's Bulimia Documentary: "It gave me a sense of relief" - Sept 2020

BBC News - Amanda Bowles: Doctor error contributed to anorexic woman's death - Sept 2020

Sky News - Demand surges for eating disorder helpline after lockdown creates 'perfect storm' - Sept 2020

BBC News - My daughter's anorexia was made worse by lockdown - Sept 2020

The Telegraph - 'I cried when I found out': Why calorie-labelling is dangerous for people with eating disorders - Sept 2020

BBC News - Anorexic woman 'not thin enough' for treatment - Sept 2020

The Telegraph - COVID and the Eating Disorder Crisis - August 2020

The Guardian - I can't be shamed into losing weight - I'm not lazy or lacking in self-discipline - August 2020

The Guardian - Ed Sheeran reminds us that Eating Disorders affect men too - August 2020

The Conversation - People with eating disorders saw their symptoms worsen during the pandemic – new study shows - August 2020

Politics Home - Exclusive: Boris Johnson warned that calorie-counting obesity ‘scare tactics’ will harm recovery for eating disorder sufferers - July 2020

Kent Online - People with eating disorders in Kent and Medway could be waiting almost 12 months for treatment, says anorexia sufferer from Maidstone - July 2020

Sky News - Coronavirus: Lockdown placing great pressure on people with eating disorders - June 2020

ITV News - Why fitness app Fitbit has sparked weight loss fears among those with eating disorders - June 2020

BBC News - Living with eating disorders in lockdown - June 2020

ITV - Crisis calls double in lockdown for those with eating disorders - June 2020

BBC News - TikTok: Fears videos may trigger eating disorders - June 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week: does online therapy work? May 2020

'Like losing control': fears eating disorders on rise amid lockdown - May 2020

Suzy Petty: Hockey player discusses life in lockdown with an eating disorder - May 2020

I’ve lived with an eating disorder for half my life. I'm not ready for the baby question - May 2020

Hope Virgo - Living with an Eating Disorder in Lockdown - April 2020

Coronavirus Presents New Challenges For Those With Eating Disorders — Here's How Survivors Are Seeking Out Support Online - April 2020

Coronavirus and Eating Disorders - March 2020

Largest Ever Eating Disorders Survey carried out in the UK - March 2020

BBC News - Coronavirus and eating disorders: 'I feel selfish buying food' - March 2020

SWEDA on BBC Somerset Radio today, 5th March 2020 (1hr 12 mins onwards)

Hospital Admissions for Eating Disorders rise to two every hour - February 2020

The Guardian - Mel C speaks out: trying to be the perfect Spice Girl made me ill - February 2020

Baroness Parminter - the NHS is failing patients with Eating Disorders - February 2020

Orthorexia: The Eating Disorder Doctor's Can't Diagnose - January 2020

My Son's girlfriend has an eating disorder. What can I do to help him? January 2020

Taylor Swift reveals eating disorder in documentary - January 2020

Eating Disorders: 12 deaths in 7 years leads to Coroner warning - January 2020

Emily has a history of anorexia but now in her thirties is refusing treatment. In the Court of Protection, a judge has to decide if she can be force fed - January 2020

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey only eats 7 meals a week - January 2020

Hospital admissions increase for youngsters with eating disorders - January 2020

Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness. Why is the NHS still not taking it seriously? - January 2020

Rise in eating disorders among male cyclists blamed on winning culture - January 2020

Eating disorder hospital admissions rise sharply - January 2020

I've seen fellow patients die of eating disorders - this needs tackling fast - January 2020

Social Media's Contribution to Eating Disorders - January 2020


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