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The Guardian - Obese patients 'being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses' - August 2022

BBC Radio 4 - Jacinta Tan on anorexia nervosa and the mind - June 2022

The Daily Mail - Parents and doctors fear healthy eating lessons at school which frighten pupils into avoiding 'bad' food could be triggering eating disorders in children as young as seven - March 2022

Bristol Counselling & Psychotherapy - Talking about eating disorders: What to do if you're worried about someone - By SWEDA - February 2022

The Guardian - Women losing their periods because of restrictive diets and excesisve exercise - January 2022

Shepton Mallet Nub News - How did Shepton Mallet's community celebrate World Mental Health Day? - November 2021

The Guardian - 'It spreads like a disease': How pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok - October 2021

The Guardian - One in five UK eating disorder patients forced to pay for private care - September 2021

The Guardian - ‘I felt my body wasn’t good enough’: teenage troubles with Instagram - September 2021

BBC News - Eating disorders: Increase in young teenagers seeking support - September 2021

The Guardian - Record number of young people wait for eating disorder treatment in England - August 2021

The Guardian - Hope Virgo, the Woman who Survived Anorexia and Began 'Dump the Scales' - July 2021

BBC Radio 4 - Marketing: Hacking the Unconscious - A Campaign for 'Real' Women? - June 2021

BBC News - Body Image Affects Half of Men's Mental Health - May 2021

The Guardian - People with Eating Disorders Denied Help - April 2021

The Sun - Big Brother Star Nikki Grahame Passes Away - April 2021

Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Podcast - Exploring Eating Disorders - March 2021


“During the time I accessed the SWEDA Services I used both the Support Group and one to one counselling sessions. Both services used together offer the life raft that is so desperately needed to bring balance, stability and empowered choice."

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