Writing a Blog for SWEDA

Thank you for your interest in writing a blog post for SWEDA.  This is a new section of our website, and we hope that it will be a really useful way of reaching out to people who are suffering from, or caring for someone suffering from an Eating Disorder.

We hope that by writing and or reading personal stories, this may benefit your recovery but also help others who are going through their recovery journey, by showing them that they are not alone.

Please note that we have to set some guidelines for blog posts, to protect those writing them, but also to ensure that the content is appropriate, and pro-recovery.  We know that all stories might not be positive.

Subject Matter and Topics

We will read and consider blogs about any kind of Eating Disorder or journey.  We want to be as inclusive as possible and if a subject is important to you, and you want to write about it, please do so.  We are particularly interested in hearing about personal experiences rather than factual information surrounding Eating Disorders.

Some ideas of subject matter are below, but this list is only a guide:

Please note that if your blog includes wording or phrases that might be offensive, or seen as a trigger for some, we may have to delete or edit these.  These can be things like exact weight figures/gains/losses, quantities of food eaten, specific foods eaten/avoided. Please be mindful of these when you are writing.  Don't worry, we will always let you know if we are editing or changing anything in your blog post before it is published.

Guidelines for bloggers


We encourage you to include images in your blog.  If you want to, you may choose to include an image of yourself or images that are relevant to your blog post.

If you choose to use any images that you find online, please check the copyright usage for them before including them, as we don’t want you to get into trouble!

How to submit your blog

Once you've written your blog, please email it to us for consideration at [email protected]

Please include your images in this email, and don’t forget to give your blog a title.

We will email you to acknowledge receipt and then again once we know when your blog will be published on the website.  If, at any time you want us to remove your blog post, or you want to make any changes, please email us or call us on 01749 343344.

Thank you very much for your interest in writing for us.  We really hope this section of our website will be a useful resource.

“During the time I accessed the SWEDA Services I used both the Support Group and one to one counselling sessions. Both services used together offer the life raft that is so desperately needed to bring balance, stability and empowered choice."

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