SWEDA Christmas Appeal 2016

Please remember SWEDA this Christmas.

The last few years have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for SWEDA!

After losing our NHS funding in 2011 we had to reduce our services significantly. By the end of 2014 we were facing closure due to lack of funds - devastating when you consider we are the only eating disorders charity in Somerset. Then in 2015 ‘a white knight’ came to our rescue in the form of The National Lottery, who made us a five year grant. Thus we were able once again to offer support to those affected by eating disorders across Somerset. This has involved moving into larger premises, and hiring new employees to ensure that we can support people for as long as they need our help.

However, we are mindful the lottery grant is only for five years and doesn’t cover all of our costs, so in addition we have to be able to secure grants and donations from our supporters to keep us going. And that is the reason for this letter. SWEDA is the ONLY charity within Somerset helping people affected by eating disorders, and eating disorders are on the increase.  Since February 2016 demand for our service has increased 3 fold and is rising all the time.

Supporting eating disorders at this time of year is particularly important for our charity

Christmas time can be a stressful time for families. This can be especially true when someone in the family is struggling with an eating disorder. For them, the pleasure of a family get-together is often tinged with fear about being expected to eat normally when some of those present do not know about their struggles with food. This of course is where SWEDA can help, with our wide range of services, from which those affected by eating disorders can choose.

SWEDA provides one-to-one counselling, Self-Help Support Groups, and several other ways of supporting people with eating disorders. Additionally we provide support for those caring for someone who suffers from an eating disorder; also training for healthcare professionals, to support them to understand the complexities and challenges faced by those with eating disorders.

Importantly, we work with young people in colleges across Somerset to raise awareness of eating disorders and reduce the stigma sufferers can face. We also work with staff by providing training to ensure they can support their students with an eating disorder. 

How you can make a difference?

As one already familiar with SWEDA and its work, you know how important it is for us to be able to continue supporting those affected by Eating Disorders for as long as they need our help. It can take ten years of support for an individual to achieve full recovery. So supporting someone until they no longer need our help comes at a significant cost and SWEDA will NEVER turn anyone away for financial reasons.

 Please help us now to ensure that SWEDA can continue to support our clients. Every donation, no matter how small will make a difference. With your help today, we can ensure that more people with eating disorders have someone to turn to in their hour of need and have the reassurance that they are not alone, especially at Christmas. You will find below a link to donate online, be it a one off gift or a commitment to regular support and the details about text giving.

 And remember, if you are a UK tax payer, SWEDA can benefit by an extra 25% from your gift - at no additional cost to you - if you just fill in a Gift Aid Declaration. We attach one of these in blank form for you if this situation applies to you.



With our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Yours sincerely

Paula Blight        

Chief Executive

PS.  We understand that this maybe a difficult time for you too.  Please do get in touch if you need our support.

“During the time I accessed the SWEDA Services I used both the Support Group and one to one counselling sessions. Both services used together offer the life raft that is so desperately needed to bring balance, stability and empowered choice."

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