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Recovery or..?

The shame of my pain
Could there be pride in my wound
The wounds that I healed
Many years ago
Should I have to hide these?
Head down in Shame?

The wound who healed allows me to feel
To compassionately understand
To Listen
To hear
To hear the truth
To see the pain
Sometimes I wobble
I feel my wound weep
Do I need to feel shame?
Do I need to hide my tears?
What is my seeping wound teaching me?

Iíve grown through my pain
Iíve grown with my wound
I grew out of it
But right now
I feel overwhelmed
My wound wants to open
To swallow me in it
To offer me comfort
A place to shelter
Like a long lost friend
It is greeting me
Itís arms are open
For me to confide
The shelter it offers
I no longer need
The love it beckons me with
The love I long for
But not in that way
I cannot get drawn in
Not like this
I know it is telling me
The voices within
To care for myself
To speak with no shame
To talk with pride of my pain
And find a new way
Itís part of my journey
So rich indeed
Part of my journey
Itís tough right now
I understand your pain

Do not hide it away
Speak form you heart
Speak from your soul
Professional, student, Parent
Whoever you are speak..
Speak your truth
Do not hide alone
Afraid of exposure

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